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Our website is here to help you to understand your own spirituality.  We bring you the best articles about: psychics, astrology, Christianity, the new age movement, horoscopes, end time events and so much more.  You can find just about everything related to spirituality from our blog posts.  Many people find that visiting our website helps them to understand their own spiritual path in life. Life is never easy to face on your own. Often, you need the help of articles and other forms of media to make it through your day. We hope to provide you with prophetic insights that can help you to find your spiritual path in life. Our website is here to allow you to see the future in real time.  We have put together a collection of articles that tell a story of how we as humans view spirituality.  Many people do not understand what spirituality is or how it effects our lives entirely.  If we take matters one step at a time, we will be able to see that we are not alone in this world.  Many of our articles have to do with angels and prophecy as well.  We cover topics about world famous psychics and prophets that lived hundreds of years ago. We also showcase many psychic readings from our advertisers. We appreciate your support with any purchase that you make on our website.  It allows us to keep on writing helpful articles and content for your personal enjoyment.

Astrology Website

Astrology Website

Our goal is to be able to help people to see their own spiritual path in life.  Everyone has one and so it is important to always follow after what you know to be true in your life. is a little over three years old.  It was started on the basis that the information that you receive from us should be free.  We do not offer free psychic readings, but many of our advertisers do. We suggest that you check with each company to find out how their free psychic reading policy works. Some people get 3 minutes free on some websites. If you are uncertain about how spirituality works, we understand. This is the main reason why we decided to create this website. We want to explain spirituality from our perspective. It is our hope that once we explain it to you, that you will walk away with a careful understanding of who we are.  We do not always agree with what is being taught by some churches or religious leaders today. We often report on what we see and hear.  We also inform you of what is happening in the world today. Some people are dealing with confusion.  We help you by explaining what certain things mean in religion and how you can best address it.  Many people in the world today are struggling for answers. They simply want to hear truth and what life is all about.  Please tell your friends about our website.  We hope that you come back daily to read our articles.  

Why Money Matters in Your Own Spiritual Journey

Money is a topic that a lot of people believe they are an expert in.  A lot of pastors will tell their parishioners that they must tithe 10% of their wealth to the church. Other pastors from a different church will tell their members that tithing is not mandatory.  Who do you believe?  How can you trust your pastor when he says something that you don’t know is right for you?  For starters, I have learned that spirituality is a personal experience between you and God.  God speaks to us through the Holy Bible and the life circumstances that we get into so often. We can often feel guilty if we don’t give to our home church or to people in the street. I have been there myself many times.  I even got to a place at times where I gave to a poor person in the street and I felt guilty about not giving enough. Is $1.00 to little to give? What about $20.00? What if you are worth $50,000 and give only $5.00 to a homeless person on the street?  Is that enough money to give? The questions in your mind will often go back and forth. You often don’t know what to do because there is no instruction book in the New Testament anymore that tells us how much we must give.  Some pastors try to combine Old Testament beliefs with New Testament living.  They may say to you that it is mandatory to give $10% to the church, but its okay to eat pork and worship on Sundays.  The Old Testament tells us to keep...

Your Own Spiritual Journey: Why Not to Be Afraid of It

Nobody gives us a manual when we are born. In fact, we are all born with some kind of curiosity when it comes to religion and spirituality.  As children, we often have to do what our parents’ guide us to do.  Often, if your mother or father is a certain faith, you will be also.  Your faith is all about your belief system. It is what makes you tick.  A lot of people fear that if they study something about another religion or spiritual practice, that somehow their own belief system will be shattered. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the more that you study anything having to do with religion and spirituality, more truth will be revealed to you.  This blog was created so that I could explore the area of spirituality with others.  I am the kind of person that has always been spiritual. The topics of: spirit world, other dimensions, religion and God has always interested me since I was a young child. We all have a certain destiny that we must follow.  It is important to ask God what his will is for our lives and then follow it.  This website is created for those that have an interest in spiritual topics. The word “psychic” is powerful because it allows us to see that we as humans have something to offer other than what we may know. Your own spiritual journey is unique for you. You may go through periods of time in which you are so sure of your faith and spirituality. Other times you may feel weak and unsure about...

The Personal Life Story of Some of the World’s top Bloggers

People often wonder why people blog.  Some people blog because they feel like they want to express themselves and come to a point in which they can find their inner happiness.  Lots of people find out that they are great writers when they end up blogging. It is not uncommon to hear stories about people wanting to change their lives and go into blogging because of it. Some of the top bloggers of the day got their start with blogging out of a need for getting to the next level of their life.  Blogging allows some people to work for themselves full time.  Bloggers like John Chow from makes a full time living working for himself.  He was able to build a blog which draws thousands of page views and visitors a month. Building a blog is a lot like building a brick and mortar business.  Blogging can take years to build. When you build a blog, you have to continue to create posts that are meaningful to people.  A blog today is more about learning and good reading.  Many people today want to know about you and what you are all about.  A lot of bloggers today feel that building a blog that introduces yourself to people is the best way to write.  People often want to know who the author is behind the post. It is okay if you want to remain anonymous, but you readership may suffer from it. A lot of bloggers today give their stories about how they were working a full time job and then became a blogger to escape the mundane...

How to Bring Romance Back into Your Life Again

Maybe it has been awhile since you last told your husband or wife that you loved them. Perhaps it has been awhile since you were last intimate.  Here is a blog post to help you out.  For starters, it is time to start paying more attention to the person that you love and care for. Often, we put other distractions in the way of romance.  Many couples spend their nights watching television or surfing the internet.  It is always a good idea to spend some quality time alone telling the person that you are with that you love them and care for them.  Most partners are shocked to find out that they are still wanted by you. Couples often end in divorce when they feel like the other person does not care about them anymore. When you feel as though your love life is falling apart, it is time to do something about it. For starters, let your partner understand and know that they still matter.  If it has been awhile since you last got romantic, this question may be on your mind.  Second, make sure that you feel good about yourself.  Research has shown that men and women that don’t have a good image of themselves often perform poorly in the bedroom.  Your lack of confidence often makes you feel as though you cannot please your partner. Consider taking your partner on a long walk.  Let them know how much you care.  What is it that you want them to do for you? What is it that they want you to do for them as well?  Often, lovers...

Do Website Owners Have to Write Articles for Their Blog?

Businesses around the world are beginning to realize that without a blog, their business actually suffers.  Most people in the world today search Google for everything that they want to buy.  Google is as powerful as a public utility. We all need it and few people use any other search engine or means to find anything that they are looking for. If you hate writing, your business is going to suffer unless you can find someone to write for you. Professional writers and bloggers are in high demand now a day. It takes a lot more to attract attention to your business then it used to. Television commercials are not as effective as they used to be because people tend to record programs now. They also fast forward over commercials that you are paying good money for as well. Free search is where a lot of people get their information from.  Bloggers post every single day about how they can earn money online.  Other businesses that post a lot claim that they get people coming to their website wanting to do business with them.  I believe that this is true for many reasons. For starters, I am a full time blogger myself.  People that read my blog posts tell me that I am helping them in some sort of way.  Without blogging, I know that people would never find me. You have two options.  You can either pay a lot of rent for a storefront location in a highly trafficked area or start blogging.  It is true that you can use pay per click ads to drive clients to...

Should You Pursue a Writing Career?

Writing is something that a lot of people love or completely dread.  Writing has always come natural to me.  It is something that I enjoy doing on a weekly basis.  I considerate it to be a way for me to expand my mind to focus on what is most important. I find that writing teaches me and educates others.  I am thankful for the internet in the sense that it allows me to publish what I write.  Writing is a gift that I have had my entire life.  I don’t know what I would do without my gift. It only takes me a few minutes to write an article. The words often come right out of my mouth and onto paper.  I a lot of people can relate to what I am talking about for several different reasons. I had no idea that you could turn your writing into your passion.  In the past, I have always wondered about the world and what it was all about. I find that blogging helps me to keep my mind focused on what I enjoy doing most.  If you are like me, you probably like to research many topics. I find it interesting to keep on learning about all sorts of things.  Once we understand what we are learning about, our minds become more in tune with what is most important in life. It is always a good thing to ask God for direction when it comes to learning what to write about.  I find that practicing my mind set in life helps me to find my own spiritual path. Sometimes, life...

Norman Vincent Peale: The Power of Positive Thinking

Norman Vincent Peale was once a person that dealt with a lot of negative thoughts.  He was born on May 31, 1898 and died on December 24, 1993.  One of the greatest books that he ever wrote was entitled, “The Power of Positive Thinking”.  It was a book in which he taught people how to block out negative thoughts and only have a positive mindset.  Norman Vincent Peale taught that we don’t have to keep our negative thoughts. He wanted people to replace their thoughts of negativity and think about positive thoughts.  Having a positive mind set is something that every person on the planet should do. It is not easy to have a positive mind if you are always thinking something negative. Some people actually do suffer from negativity. The Bible was written for us to keep a positive mind when it comes to evil and negativity that could come into our lives.  Our thoughts can often become negative when we see no reason to be happy. It is amazing how your brain can instantly feel happy or sad based on what you put into your mouth. If you consume a large amount of sugar or caffeine, you will feel an instant sensation of happiness. Awhile later, you will begin to feel depressed.  Sometimes we are just sitting there minding our own business and a negative thought will come to us. The devil often tempts us through our thoughts.  He tells us situations about our past that may make us feel guilty or sad.  A lot of people feel like they cannot find their inner peace because of...

Will Training for a New Job Get You Higher Pay?

If you are thinking about going back to school to make more money, you might be surprised to find out that you are not going to earn more money because of your training.  In fact, the average household income is just under $50,000 in the United States.  This means that a husband and wife team is only earning around $50,000 per year combined. Just a few years ago, a person that graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science earned over $50,000 per year right out of school.  In 2015, this is no longer the case.  Employers caught on that they could outsource a lot of their computer science work to countries like China and India.  Instead of paying a US graduate $50,000, they could pay a graduate overseas under $20,000 per year.  This means that the jobs are not as plentiful as they used to be.  Today’s computer science graduates are often starting out at only $40,000 to $45,000 per year.  In larger cities, pay seems to be higher because of the cost of living. In places like NYC, a person may get paid $50,000 to $60,000 per year because the cost of renting an apartment is often over $2,000 per month. The $100,000 a year salary is often given to top level employees only that have skills or certifications that are hard to obtain.  Many oil engineers earn over $135,000 a year because of the training that is involved. Getting a higher salary today often means going into business for yourself. It is important to find your own path in life and to ask God what you...

How Long do People Tend to Keep Their Job?

Most job seekers keep their job for just 4.4 years or shorter.  Jobs can sometimes get boring.  If you were born between the years 1977-1997, you will most likely only stay at your job for 3 years or less.  Over the course of one’s life, a person in this generation can have 15 to 20 different jobs.  Job hoppers however look unstable to employers a lot of the time. Employers may wonder how long you are going to stay at the job that they are training you for.  If the company trains you this year and spend money on your preparation, will you be around next year? This is a question that every employer is asking themselves these days. A lot of job hoppers get bored easily and feel that their job is not interesting enough to stay in anymore. Some men and women are looking for a pay raise.  Others are searching for something else that is more interesting. A small percentage of people leave their job because they hate working with someone that they must see every day. Many workers today feel that they need to only look out for themselves.  They feel that a job today is not dependable.  You can get fired at any time and for any reason.  There is no more job security. The new term now is called financial insecurity.  The younger generation doesn’t seem to mind job hopping. Most figure that it’s only a job and the grass may be greener on the other side.  Many young men and women from this generation also hate being confrontational. Most are not taught...

Aries Birthday

If your zodiac sign happens to be Aries, your birthday falls between March 21 and April 19.  If you are dating an Aries, you may be planning a birthday party.  A few notes about Aries before you start planning.  He or she likes to spend time alone.  Aries is also known to be courageous and energetic.  Aries do like surprises.  If you are planning on throwing him or her a birthday party, you may try having it with close friends and families. Aries can be quick tempered and private.  They often don’t like strangers around or people that don’t have significant meaning. Aries loves to receive gifts.  As long as it is fun, the zodiac Aries often likes it.  You may find that giving an Aries a party with magical candles arouses their curiosity.  Aries have a finer eye for material things.  An Aries may love a diamond ring or a designer hand bag.  For a male, a Polo Shirts or Calvin Klein pants are desired because they like designer clothes. If you plan on going to a party where an Aries will be, expect them to be appreciative to you being in the party.  An Aries Birthday comes only once a year. Make sure that you plan for Aries ahead of time.  Some things that fascinate the Aries sign are electronics.  He or she may love a new video game or cell phone. If you want to keep the party at home, let the Aries help you to cook something. They tend to love cooking and being creative in the kitchen.  They tend to have a creative side...
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